An award-winning, battery-operated barrel of laughs…If cats had money, they’d buy one!

$30 each
$25 each when you buy any 2 or more

No cat can live on sleep and food alone. They need a little Fling-Ama-String too! This battery-operated, action-packed, string-flinging machine hangs on any standard door knob. One end of a long, brightly-colored, silky cord is sewn onto a flat, elastic “conveyer belt” which is constantly rotating. The cord flings in and out for kitty’s non-stop amusement. Cats can bite, paw, claw, and ultimately stop the string. As soon as they let go, the string automatically starts to rotate again and again and again! The toy has 2 speeds for the frisky or faint feline. Just turn it on, take a seat, and watch kitty go.


  • Absolutely NO assembly required!
  • Like having a purrsonal trainer for your cat
  • Purrfect for every type of cat: kitten, young at heart, full-figured, senior, or just plain lazybones!
  • Takes 3 AA batteries (regular or rechargeable)
  • Dimensions: 29.5” long x 5” wide x 2.5” deep



SAFETY INFORMATION:  Please always have an adult supervising your cat while playing with this toy. When toy is off, please wind the string tightly around your doorknob so it is out of kitty’s reach. A loose string can be dangerous to your cat; If you see that your cat is trying to chew or bite off the string, please immediately take the toy away from your cat. This is not intended as a child’s toy.

U.S. Utility Patent # 7,373,902


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When I walk into my house from work, my cat runs to the Fling-Ama-String and meows at the top of her lungs for me to turn it on.

My extremely rambunctious Blue Abyssinian, Flynn loves the Flingamastring so much that we literally have to assign dedicated "play time." When not in use, I have to hide the toy and box or he will find it and try to drag it out himself!

I don't know what you've done to my cat, but I heartily approve! She loves the Fling-ama-String. This is a 14 year-old, overweight girl...your toy has turned her into a happy, playful kitten once again. Maybe a slightly obsessed one at that!

Our cat Sydney loves it so much that I have been forcing her to take some breaks. if not, she will play until she passes out!

I have 6 cats. Playing with their Fling-Ama-String is the ONLY TIME they GET ALONG! Thank you...This is the best cat toy ever!

My girl went bonkers for it! She caught it on Speed 1 so up to Speed 2 we went. Even after I turned it off, she went back & sat staring at it waiting for the string to come around again! Congrats on an amazing product!

My 16 year-old Tonkinese acts like she has waited her whole life for this toy!

I must say our cats will sit by the toy and yowl until we turn it on.

I am a veterinary educator/consultant, and this is the first cat toy I can honestly say all cats love: young and old, healthy or sick, even a feral cat I have loves it. three-legged 18 year-old cats, one-eyed cats, every single cat loves it. it is so great for fat cats as well as geriatric...as we are all aware over the years the sleek hunter has been transformed into the fat couch potatoes of today. this is a constant battle for the veterinary profession, so I now have another tool to help combat feline obesity. Needless to say I am a fan. thank you for this amazing product, both professionally and personally (my own 17 yr-old cat sits in front of it, and yells until I turn it on!). I agree...if cats had money, they would buy one!

My two 4-year-old cats have a basketful of toys that they ignore. You name it, I've bought it. This toy is amazing. They love it!

We purchased two "Fling-ama-String" and received them about two weeks ago and let me tell you, our cats can't get enough of it. We have to turn it off at night so we can get some sleep!

I have to say that as a cat momma, I was over the moon with our cats’ response to the Fling- Ama- String! The interesting thing is that our cat, Magoo is the biggest hogger! He’s this lovely, sweet ragdoll who normally takes a backseat to the more extroverted cats. Not when it comes to your toy! He will literally stand on another cat to get to it! This has been one of the smartest purchases we’ve ever made.

Franklin practically begs for me to turn it on and then he just can't get enough.

My cat, Giovanni, a big Maine Coon, is completely enthralled. I have to take it off the door so he'll eat his dinner! He's still trying to figure out how that string can come and go and then reappear. Thank you for providing my cat with the stimulation he needs to stay brilliant and happy.

I hear BLAM, and I know he’s having a great time...He hurls himself against it, attacks the elastic, grabs the string and pulls, sits back and stares, then starts all over again. My cat can be really rough, and the Fling-Ama-String just keeps going.

This is the most intriguing, interesting cat toy ever. My young red-tabby, Tigger, is absolutely nuts about it. Since he's seen me turn it on and off, he'll stay on his hinds legs and tries to turn it on!

Fling-ama-String is like no other toy. I am so impressed with the design and quality of the product. My cat practically begs for me to turn it on and then he just can't get enough. Even when he gets really rough and rowdy, the Fling-ama-String keeps on going. It's quiet, and the under-door anchor is ingenious. Fling-ama-String is the best cat toy investment I have ever made. We both thank you!

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